The Perfect Time: NOW

A lot of us have dreamt of having that perfect business. We attend expos, seminars, and other events to get information on how to start a business. We consult our family, friends and experts about the venture that we wanted to pursue. All of these we’ve been doing so when that time comes, all the planning and preparations, the business will start perfectly. Oftentimes these planning, consultation, and preparations are left untouched and stored in our drawers while we wait for the perfect timing to start the business. 

Most of the time we tell ourselves the following that hinders us to start our own business: 

“I don’t have enough money to start the business. Magiipon muna ako.”

“I don’t have the experience to run a business. Magtrabaho muna ako.”

“I am too young or too old to start a business.”

“I think it’s not a good time to start a business kasi…”

“I’ll wait for the perfect timing to start the business.”

So, when is the perfect time?

Consider this: 

Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook at a young age of 18. 

Colonel Sanders founded KFC at the age of 65.

Bill Gates was a college dropout.

Henry Sy started his department store empire just before the declaration of Martial Law. 

Les Reyes started Reyes Haircutters with only 10,000 pesos capital.

The founder of National Bookstore, Soccorro Ramos, started her business during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines in World War 2. 

And there are a lot of success stories of entrepreneurs who started their business even if the odds are against them. 

So, let me ask again. When is the perfect time to start a business? 

The perfect time for you to start your business is NOW. Why let your age, lack of capital, lack of experience, fear of failure hinder you from starting your own business.

That time is TODAY!
The longer you wait, the harder it will be. 

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