A Small Advise

We often have grand plans when we want to start a business. Usually we get excited with our plans, and then, POOF!

We get distracted and sometimes we get discouraged by people around us. This leads to the loss of motivation in doing your plans. When we lose our motivation, we often set aside our our plans, and sometimes we get lazy in pursuing it. Then, we abandon the plan.

We believe that what you have in mind as your dream business is a great plan! Whenever you feel discouraged and lazy in pursuing your grand plan, here’s our small advise for you:

You Can Do It!

You Can Do It!

If you believe in what you have started, we believe in that too! Kaya mo yan! Tinatamad ka lang! (You can do it! You are just feeling lazy.)

Share your thoughts. Maybe we can help.

Starting a Business: Partnering with Mom and Dad

Our firsts… Loved ones, teachers, mentors, friend, idol, role model, etc.

Mom and dads are the firsts and serves as the foundation on how we relate with other persons as we grow up. Our interaction with others are influenced by how we were groomed by our mom and dads. Even and dealing with situations, whether a good problem or a bad problem, mom and dads are the first ones who taught us how to cope with it. Whether we decide to start a business or be employed, somehow, our mom and dads influence will be very much seen.
Here are four tips to keep your bond with mom and dad strong and your business or job as happy as it can be:

1. Take the Good, Leave the Bad.

Young entrepreneurs should view their parents’ financial situation like a menu in a restaurant: take the good ones that you have experienced and don’t order what you think is not a good experience or with the bad taste. After all, mom and dads have tons of experience to share: the good experiences to replicate and the bad ones to learn from. Whether you come from a wealthy or a not so fortunate family, lessons learned from mom and dads matter. Observe your mom and dads, and use critical-thinking skills. Replicate their strengths and avoid their weaknesses.

2. Parental Support

Most of young businessmen have a group of friends when starting up a business. Mostly this group are the childhood friends, schoolmates, or even a co-worker. Mom and dads should be part of this group, but should not be overly dependent on them. Entrepreneurial support and financial support are two different things. If the parents cannot support financially, and you are relying on them for that, then, the emotional relationship may suffer. Truth is, the sooner you can stop relying on your parents for financial support, the more successful the business may become. Once this is achieved, you’ll reach a level of maturity that most adults nowadays never reach (Personally, I know a lot of guys who are still very dependent on their parents). Self reliance at a young age is impressive, respectable, and feels good. What matters a lot even parents does not support financially is their wisdom and the bountiful experience where you can pick-up a lot of lessons.

3. Give More than What You Receive

Don’t take your parents for granted… If you are expecting your mom and dad to be an active part of your advisory group, to support you in good times and bad, then they have become more than just your parents… They should be considered as your partners, and needs to be treated accordingly. Many businessmen finds ways to make their customers and partners happy, so there’s no reason not to show your parents the same respect and prove to them that what they have contributed to your success is also their success.

4. Nurture the Relationship

Relationship with your mom and dad is going to affect you. If it is tense, then there would be added stress in starting up the business. If you have mutual respect for one another, then it would be a great advantage over the competition. Working with mom and dads should be kept smooth and enjoyable. This makes the relationship strong, make people happy, and then definitely the business will prosper. It may not be a guarantee that a good relationship with your mom and dad in the business would equate to success, but a bad relationship will most likely lead to more struggles.