Food Cart Business: Things to Consider

We have asked a number of employed mom and dads what business they would like to start while they are employed. A number of them have said that stating a food cart is easy and fast to setup. The cost isn’t that much and the income potential is good. In the Philippines, a lot of food cart businesses have sprung up and excelled in their craft.

We’d like to share some things to consider so that starting up your food cart business before starting one:

  1. Good Concept – Most food carts are designed to give quick service. It is advisable to stick to a concept for a quick recall from the customers. A unique concept gathers curiosity among customers to give your food cart a try. This would also include your “catchy” name and your theme for your food cart. Be consistent with your concept and stick to it and better not mix and match just to be at par with the others.
  2. Focus on the Product – You have to match or exceed the expectations of your concept. Your product would be the life blood of your food cart business. Good product = People will come back for more. This would involve consistency, affordability and the quality of your product. Make sure that what you started or improved would stay the same as time goes by. Some food cart businesses have failed on this part especially when they have operated for quite some time already, they do short cuts and decrease the quality.
  3. Good Location – This is very important! You have to make sure that the site of your food cart is visible to the public. It is advisable to hang-out for hours in a prospect location and see for yourself the amount of foot traffic in the area.
  4. Good Stall Design – For promotion purposes, a catchy and desirable design would attract customers to your food cart. The design of your food cart should be unique and be distinguishable from the others. A good friend of the Support Local Mom and Dad Business Movement, LogoMoto PH, can help out with your design needs for your food cart. Also, online promotion would be a great help in promoting your business, a good and simple website would also boost the visibility of your food cart business.
  5. Operating Systems – Being new and a startup, operating your foodcart should follow certain standards. This would make your business be consistent from the day you started and up to the present. Prepare a manual on how to do things for you and your staff to follow. You wouldn’t want complaints of having your products or services inconsistent when customers have availed a week or month ago. If its better, adapt it. If its not, scrap it. Better document everything and make it as a habit for you and your staff.
  6. Funding – Having the needed funds or capital to start your food cart business is a necessity. There may be financing institutions that can help you out in funding your business, we suggest that having your own would be a better option. Maybe for expansion of your food cart business, considering financial institutions may be a better idea.
  7. Good Service – In the food industry, reputation is a major factor in making a business successful. Maintaining a good service level, efficient systems, and clean products and workstations will go a long way and help you achieve longevity and further build credibility.
  8. Do it Right – Get the necessary permits and licenses. If you operate your business without the proper permits and licenses, its good to say that what you are operating is a monkey business.

One good example of this is one of our friends, and a fellow mom and dad businessman. Bagwings have started out as a small stall in a weekend market in Muntinlupa City. Now they have expanded to two other locations and a food truck is on its way. Maybe we can follow his footsteps in starting a successful food cart business.

There may be other things to consider in running a food cart business. But, the basics, we have tackled already. Another alternative in the food cart business is Franchising. Franchising an existing food cart business is a good idea and there are a lot of reasons to franchise a business. The only question that we pose is: “Do they really help local mom and dad businessmen?” or they just take advantage of the franchisees?

For us, it would be better to be unique and original. Make a name for yourself and supporting other mom and dad businesses would be very helpful in making the local business scene be more engaged in nation building.

How about a Turon and BananaQue Food Cart? Who’s up to it?

BAGWINGS: Bagnet and Wings

10376838_740577239367495_3181802505853679429_nAround this time last year, I was sitting inside a Spanish themed restaurant fresh or should I say weary from a long 9 hour trip from Manila to Vigan. And all throughout that trip all I was thinking about is I have to get me some of Ilocos’ finest cuisine. But then I was faced with a dilemma, a delicious dilemma that is. Should I have the scrumptious Vigan Longanisa with all its garlic goodness or should I have the decadent yet flavorful bagnet? I chose the latest, and it was an experience I will never forget.

Flash forward a year latedr and here I am again sitting inside my dining room in the office eagerly salivating on the sight of bagnet, freshly delivered from BAGWINGS – Chili Bagnet and  Buffalo Wings. Personally delivered by no other than the owner, himself, Mr. Jaycee Recto, with his Boxed-Type Mitsubishi Lancer (We liked the delivery vehicle compared to others).


What a delivery vehicle! The best so far we’ve seen!

11018_742244439200775_4162313451533390566_n IMG_1166

Without any hesitation I dug into the meaty delight right in front of me, I took my first bite and I was not prepared for the spice and heat that hit my mouth. It was instant delight as the flavor of the fat and meld in with the crunchiness of the pork skin.

And it wasn’t the best part yet, I dip my chili bagnet into the special sauce that comes with every order and taste of the Chili Bagnet was amplified by sourness of dipping sauce. The chili resonates with every bite prickling your tongue like a dancing liquid fire. I downed my Chili Bagnet meal in a minute! I guess their facebook post about gone in sixty seconds is true after all.

As good as the Chili Bagnet is, it will never be complete without its partner: the Buffalo Wings. Throughout the years, I have my fair share of Buffalo and hot wings under my belt or should I say my belly. So I have created a taste for these little fiery surprises.


Chicken wings or angel wings?

So I grabbed a glass of water just to be prepared for the heat of the chicken wings, but to my surprise I was greeted with the most amazing wings that I have ever tasted. It was an extraordinary balance of sweetness and spiciness as you devour these tiny wings from heaven. And when you thought it’s over there is still the dipping sauce which accentuate the sweet-chili sauce of chicken with its tanginess.

As Robin Scherbatsky once said, “Is these chicken wings or angel wings.” And I mustered up my inner Marshal and closed my eyes and savored every single bite.

For all of you who wants to try this killer combo of sweetness and spice, you can catch them at BAGA Manila, Sucat, Lakefront, 1717 Muntinlupa City on Thursday to Sundays from 4pm to 12mn.

As of the moment, here’s their full menu:


Visit their fb page:

Thank you Mr. Jaycee Recto! Definitely you filled us with fire and a delight of an angel!