Sapatology: One Step at A Time

This photo of Mang Ruben was taken February 2008 along Buencamino St., in Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

We had our shoes shined and I remember that while having our shoes shined, he shared to us some of his dreams and what they have been dealing with everyday just to survive. Shoe shine and repair was their source of income and they are proud of it. Mang Ruben also mentioned that they are going to upgrade their craft very soon and he is saving some of his income to achieve it. After a few months without seeing him, we saw him again with an upgraded version of his craft. When we first saw him, he was just using a bicycle with a self-made box to hold on to his tools, we saw him next with a second-hand motorcycle and an improved box to hold his tools. He was really proud to tell us that he was able to save up for the motorcycle at the same time feed his family.

Mom and dads can learn a lot of things from Mang Ruben. By being witty with his craft, he was able to attract a lot of customers to patronize him. With his hard work and perseverance, he was able to achieve his dream of upgrading his business and be a provider for his family. Comparing Mang Ruben to some of the more established shoe shine and repair shops, he might not be as popular and as promoted like the ones we see in every mall. But with his wits and efficiency in his craft, he succeeded and reached his ambition to upgrade his business. One step at a time, when we persevere on what we really want, we can achieve it and be better, or maybe even great.

We just wonder now where Mang ruben is. Maybe he has a permanent shop now or maybe he has a fleet of mobile shoe shine and repair motorcycles. We hope to see Mang Ruben soon and be featured here with a deeper look into his life as a small businessman and be an inspiration to a lot of mom and dads who plan to start up a business. If Mang Ruben can, Yes we can!

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