The Mom and Dad Store

In the past few weeks, we have been brainstorming about how the Support Local Mom and Dad Businesses Movement can help fellow micro and small enterprises. Aside from promoting others via blogs, facebook, and other social media platforms, offline and actual promotion of products and services were suggested to help out fellow mom and dad enterprises.

There are a lot of online platforms that cater to promoting mom and dad entreprises like facebook, instagram, twitter, etc. Even mom and dad businesses are also using the said platforms in promoting their own businesses. But, are they really effective? For some, these platforms have been very effective and have grown some businesses already. Some even started up as an online store in facebook, and instagram. To some, online promotion of their enterprises have not been very much effective in growing their businesses.

Being a small, or a micro business, it is quite difficult to compete with well established businesses that can afford to lease a space in a mall, or meet the consignment requirement by big department stores. It is good that there are some event organizers do let small spaces to be leased for a short time, like bazaars or events, but, these comes at a huge cost also and could range at 2,000 – 8,000 per day. By participating in such events, offline and online visibility of a product or service can be maximized by mom and dad businesses, There are some event organizers also that help out mom and dad enterprises by not charging a fixed amount for rentals on space, instead, they get a percentage from the gross sales in the duration of the display of the products.

The Store Space

What we have envisioned is to have a physical store that would cater to mom and dad enterprises to promote their products and services for free or maybe for a minimal fee, for a limited time to micro and small businesses. Being online at the same time offline would give opportunities to local mom and dads to grow their businesses. In exchange, the participants would also promote other mom and dad businesses and the Support Local Mom and Dad Businesses Movement in their own respective online stores.

For a start, we might showcase first local clothing startups and services that can be accommodated in the mom and dad store. Some have signified their intention to showcase their products in the store. We’ll start small, but, little by little, we can grow and expand the mom and dad store.

Is it possible? YES!

Share your thoughts about it. Or, maybe you could help us out in making it possible in helping fellow mom and dad businesses grow.

Turon Wars (Part 3): Where Will You Buy Your Turon?

Where will you buy our beloved turon?

Turon Wars (Part 1)

Turon Wars (Part 2)

From the home-made turon and bananaque vendor where the sales and income directly affects their daily monetary needs.


Turon from our local mom and dad businessmen


From the mall giants who ventured into the micro and small business interests of local mom and dads in the community.

Turon from the mall giants

Turon from the mall giants

So, which turon will it be?

Turon Wars (Part 1): A Traditional Comfort Food as a Mom and Dad Business

Moving enough of a familiar product to make a profit is no easy feat—and what could be more ubiquitous than the beloved turon? This humble snack, made of bananas and a little sugar wrapped in a spring roll wrapper before being deep-fried, has graced both the bilaos of many a street vendor, and the tables of fine-dining establishments. Whether you like your traditional turon, the delicious varieties that come with langka or cheese, or have eaten it a la mode with hazelnut spread and chocolate in your latest dining hot spot, this is a food that has enjoyed enduring popularity.

Making it seems straightforward enough; along with banana-cue—fried bananas covered in sugar or syrup on a stick—the turon is something anyone with a big frying pan and ingredients can make. Cooking turon and selling it is actually a great home-based business because of the minimal funds you’ll need for starting it up, as well as the level of skill required to make this easy recipe. As long as you maintain your proportions of ingredients properly, wrap the turon well and keep an eye on them in the pan so they don’t overcook, you’ll have yourself a beautiful batch of turon that would make your lola proud.

The trick is to build yourself a solid customer base that will keep coming back for your turon and banana-cue. In selling turon, remember that the first selling point is making it affordable—most street vendors price turon at 10 pesos per piece, and charge a couple of pesos more if the turon includes cheese or langka, or is a larger size. Apart from affordability, it must be kept portable—so wrapping the turon tightly is a must before you fry it to ensure it doesn’t fall apart.

The beauty of selling banana-cue alongside it is that if you run out of spring roll wrappers, you can just make banana-cue and keep your stock of bananas from going to waste. It’s an efficient and basic business model that has helped a lot of Filipinos provide for their families—and even build up enough capital to start bigger businesses. This food is also very easy to take from one place to another and doesn’t spoil easily, which is convenient for both the seller and the people who enjoy taking a bite out of this delectable snack everyday. When you choose to sell turon, location actually matters only in terms of foot traffic, so whether you want to make it a staple in your sari-sari store, bring several dozen to work and sell to your officemates, or even set up a little stand in your subdivision just outside your house, any entrepreneur can make it work.

Eating turon is a simple pleasure that has been elevated to elegant cuisine. The timeless flavor combination of thickly-sliced cooked bananas and rich caramel, accompanied by the satisfying crunch of a freshly-fried wrapper, makes for one incredible mouthful that will keep you full for several hours, making it a wonderful treat that isn’t laden with unhealthy amounts of fat and sugar. Adding cheese and langka are an easy way to boost profits and to add a different layer of satisfaction to turon—cheese enhances the richness of the caramel-banana combination and provides a contrast to the sweetness, which langka (jackfruit) strips are a healthier but delicious fruit which gives your turon a more tropical punch.

Think of your turon as the Asian cousin to the equally-delicious dessert of bananas foster, a pick-me-up that needs no utensils and can put a little sweetness to anyone’s day. There’s a reason why there are so many street vendors from corner to corner, earning an honest living and catering to both the casual buyer and their loyal customers alike—every batch of turon is different from each other, no matter how indiscernibly so it may be for anyone else who doesn’t understand why you keep coming back to that one stand. Turon’s appeal is just something no one can resist—you know you’re a Filipino when you find yourself looking for this dessert no matter where you happen to be.

Contributor: Lesly Bries

Turning Hobbies to Business: Hitting a Flock of Birds with One Shot

Choosing Beads For A Unique NecklaceHobbies are considered to be personal pastime. It may be cross-stitching, painting, designing for clothes, etc. The fact that it interests you and you continuously do it, it can be turned into a business. With some twitching and fixing on ways how you handle your time and how you do it, you hobby might be a successful business.

In our previous posts, Starting A Business While Working Full Time and When Starting a Business… Have Fun, we have discussed about things to consider when starting a business. Now, we’re adding some insights for a person who would want to start a business. Why not start with your hobbies? It’s one of the best ideas to start with since its considered a pastime and it can be done outside your work schedule. And definitely, it won’t be a hobby if you are not enjoying it or having fun while doing it.

Here are some hobbies that we find to be profitable and can be turned into a part-time or a full-time business:

Cooking/Baking – Cooking or baking is one of the most common hobbies that are transformed into a full blown business. We must say that some hobbyists do cook or bake better than the professionals. With a little twisting and turning outside cooking and baking, add up some marketing, sales and money management, this hobby can be a great business, especially when you are good at it and do it better than those pros.

Photography – Another common hobby that is turned into a business. With the right effort, skill, connections, and guidance, this hobby can be a really profitable business. Like cooking or baking, some hobbyists are really good at it and even create quality shots which are far more better than those who say they are into the business of events photography. Some of hobbyists we know only uses point-and-shoot cameras or film cameras in their craft, and they make better prints. There’s even a saying, “Hindi porket naka DSLR ka, professional photographer ka na”. So, when you are into a photography hobbyist with a group with the same interest, why not give it a try? If photography is something you love to do and you are good at, make it as your part-time business. We believe that those who love their craft produces better results than those who do it because it is their job.

Designing – Fashion design, lay-outing, painting, concept designing, etc. Most of these hobbies are really done during free time and it can turned into a profitable business if you got also the talent for it. Freelancing during free times while working isn’t bad when you got the skills and talent, and when you love what you do and feel good about it, this artistic side of you can really be a solid business. Setting up a design firm is no joke, but when what you’ll be doing would be fun for you, it’s just a piece of cake. We know of some designers or inventors who are doing concept designs as his part-time business, while he is still working for a local government office. He loves what he does, he’s having fun, and most of all he’s cashing in a lot in his business!

There are other hobbies out there that some just take them for granted and do them a their own leisure. With some entrepreneural inspiration and a little push, you’ll turn what you love doing into a great business. If you are good at it, think of it as an opportunity to be your own business that you’ll have fun.

So, when you are a hobbyist who turned the hobby as a business, don’t just say that you are, “hitting two birds with one stone”, it would be better to say “hitting a flock of birds with one shot.” You have fun, you do what you love, you earn while you do it, have a lot of time with your family, and so many other reasons to make it a successful business.

You can never say that there are no more opportunities… You make those opportunities, it’s just a matter of starting it!

Starting a Business While Working Full Time

Balanced Pepples at the Baltic Sea of GermanyIt is quite uncommon here in the Philippines to see employees being employed by two jobs… But abroad, it is quite common to hear that someone is having a second job. Here it the Philippines, it is more common to have a side-line or part-time rather than taking on two jobs and be an employee for two companies.

A valuable lesson i have learned from the past ten or so years in doing a part-time or side-line business, is that it would be better to start a business while being employed. This would allow aspiring businessmen to provide a stable income and at the same time make money from the part-time or side-line. Having a full-time job provides you with a safety net. You can develop your plans, learn some new tricks of the trade in your new business, and test your new business concept – all while getting a steady income from your employment.

We know a lot of people have handled a part-time or side-line business while working on a job full-time. As observed, they have followed some guidelines so they have harmoniously done two things at the same time. Having read in another article, these simple rules should also be followed: treat your employer with respect, honor your commitments, and be fair. There are also other things that have to be considered in having a business while being employed:

Does your job allow you to do business?

To be sure you won’t have any problems in running your own business while being employed is that first, you have to determine if your job will allow you to do it. There are some companies that prohibit their employees engage into business while being employed in their institution. Some do allow and encourage their employees to engage into business while being employed. So, it would be better to know if your current job will allow you to do so. You have to make sure you have reviewed the company’s employee’s handbook just to be sure you are not violating any rules and policies of the company. It is also important to review the terms and conditions of the employment contract particularly in the confidentiality clause and the use of resources of the company. Mostly they are the ones taken for granted and becomes the cause of problems with your business and your status as an employee. It would be very hard to operate and business and be employed if there are complications along the way.

It is also best that you consult an professional HR practitioner or maybe even a lawyer before starting your business while being employed. It’s better to be safe than be sorry in the future. It may sound expensive for a startup, but, if there would be conflicts or complications with your current job and your new business, it would be more costly to resolve than getting professional advise at first.

Don’t compete with your employer

It is very obvious, it is unethical to compete with your employer, whether directly or indirectly with your employer. This does affect your professional reputation permanently and the cost of having being in trouble with your employer would be a serious legal consequence. Most employers would not hesitate getting rid of you or maybe even get into a legal battle with you. If the business you have in mind would be directly competing with your employer, and you are sure of being successful at it, it would be better to resign. Just make sure that you won’t be violating any terms and conditions in your quit claim or in your contract. Some clauses in contracts would bar you to be engaged in a similar business as your employer.

Run the business during your free time and outside your working hours

It is ideal that you run your business at your own time. Remember that you are being paid by your employer to be focused on the job that is given to you. The simple rules apply here: treat your employer with respect, honor your commitments, and be fair. If your work requires you to be at a specific time, place, and do specific functions, be there 100%. Keep in mind always that your employer pays for you and you wouldn’t want to put that in jeopardy, unless there is an agreement that allows you to do so.

On a regular workday for example, you are to be in your place of work by 8:00 AM and leave by 5:00 PM, you should be operating your business outside of those hours. You have to make sacrifices by getting up early or stay up late to do some tasks for your business. At times, especially when you are starting a business, it would require you to be there during your office time. This would be very challenging. If you have to attend to something for your business during your workhours, it would be better to do it during your break times. Also, it is best to handle your business matters outside your place of employment.

Don’t use your employer’s office and equipment

Your employer’s place of business is theirs and not yours. Even if it is outside business hours, it would be better to do it outside. You should remember that your employer may claim what you have developed for it was done inside the premises of his place of business. This also applies to the equipment that you use like the company’s laptop or computer, telephone or mobile phone, software, etc. Again, this is a precaution that can be valuable when the time comes. It would be better to do it at home or another place where you feel it is safe to run your ideas and your new business.

Be sensitive and know when to quit

Running a business while being employed takes a lot from our energy, time and resources. It is quite difficult to do it at the same time and may cause exhaustion if done for a long time. When the business is growing, it would be requiring more of your attention and it might affect your current employment. The attention you might be giving to your current job is declining and it would be unfair with your employer who pays for your services by what was agreed upon. By the time that the business is growing, it is advised that you have to weigh things up. Knowing when to quit your job and be focused on your business full-time takes a lot of consideration. Quitting soon may lead you to financial failure, waiting too long may lose some opportunities.

If you have the funding, leave your employment once your business is on track and making money. New businesses are unpredictable, sometimes you would hit a jackpot and sometimes you get zero, and it may be very difficult. It is best that you quit when your business  is generating an income that can replace your salary. This has to be remembered and a lot have made mistakes by leaving the job too soon.

Local Mom and Dad Business Movement will be conducting seminars and programs very soon that would help you out when starting your own business. Advising and mentoring by professionals will be some of the services to be offered to mom and dads who would wish to start up their own business. We hope to see you soon and let’s support local mom and dad businesses in your community

Grow Your Money This 2015…

Money PlantI stumbled upon an article from Entrepreneur Philippines recently: 3 Ways To Grow Your Money In 2015. With the title itself, got curious and clicked on it right away. Coming from a respectable magazine, this advise is something to be read and be taken into consideration.

1.    Invest in stocks or bonds

One way of securing your financial status is by way of investing your money in stocks or bonds. A lot of people, not just entrepreneurs, have invested in such as it pays higher dividends compared to banks. No need to worry if you’re new to this business because you can seek help from financial advisors to assess your suitability for investing. It usually depends on how much risk you are willing to take—whether you’re a conservative or aggressive investor, these experts will help you decide what’s best for you based on your income. This is especially good for long-term goals.

2.    Invest in a franchise concept

If you’re still quite confused with stocks, you can invest in a franchise business instead. Buying a ready-made business with a reputable brand and history is also one way of growing your money. Owning a franchise requires a lot of research. You do not want to waste your money on immediate buying just to start up your franchise business. Identify what business would you want to own and then research carefully about it. However, remember that these business expansions have its own advantages and disadvantages, so make sure you’re adept with its business process.

3.    Invest in your own business concept

Building a business of your own is challenging, but with great effort and hard work, you’ll grow your money in here. If you’re a budding entrepreneur, it is better to make yourself familiar with how a business runs. Attend entrepreneurship seminars or ask advice from the business experts to help you get going.

While it is a good advise for young entrepreneurs, would be businessmen, mom and dads, and employees, the question is… Can you afford to invest in stocks and bonds, a franchise concept, or your own business concept? But, what if you only have so much that it would take time or maybe even the whole 2015 before you have the resources to invest in the three? Would limited resources hold you back?

Investing in stocks or bonds… How much do we really have to invest? If you have an extra Php500.00 do you think it would be enough to invest it in stocks or bonds? Yes, as low as Php500.00 you can invest in stocks! I have seen in a bank advertisement that you can start investing in stocks for as low as Php 500.00. But, with bonds, you would have to have enough to spare and keep it invested in the bonds long term. Also, the 500.00 would take time before you see a significant increase there.

Investing in a franchise concept would be really tricky and this should be taken with a whole lot of thinking. Yes, the franchise would be a good investment given the track record of the business and its operations. This investment would cost a lot, especially those franchise concepts that are really proven and popular. But, if you would invest in franchise concepts, just make sure you are not just joining the bandwagon and regret your decision in the future.

If having limited resources would be a hindrance in investing in the two tips above, investing in your own business concept would be the best choice in growing your money this year. With Php500.00 or less, you can start your own simple start-up business to grow.  A radio show, Radyo Negosyo, hosted by Dr. Carl E. Balita (@drcarlbalita) every Saturday night has a segment wherein the guests share their success stories when they started out their business with only Php500.00 or less. So, if the guests in the radio show can do it, why can’t we? As long as the business concept you have started interests you, and you are committed to grow it, making your resources double, triple, or maybe even more would be very easy. Just make sure you share it with your partner or spouse, and its very important that he/she supports you in investing on your own business concept so it would be easy to make it happen.

So, are you ready to make your money grow this year?

As the core group of the Support Local Mom and Dad Movement have decided to make the idea legitimate, we will be registering it as an organization very soon, to further reach out and help local mom and dads start a part-time or full time business. We’re just making the final preparations and we are good to go! We’ll post in our future blog articles how we can help in starting your own business… the right way.

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Registering Your Business: Do it Online!

Over the past few years, as a husband of a bazaarista, I have noticed a lot of changes in the requirements when you join bazaars. When we started out, as long as your product is approved by the organizer and you have a name for your booth, you can join the bazaar. For the 2014 bazaar season, the changes have been noticeable. Most of the popular bazaar organizers like Think Pink (Super Sale and Superb Series), Trendsetters, Cut Unlimited (Noel Bazaar, Heat Wave), Manila Sundance, St. James The Great Christmas Bazaar, etc. have been asking for the DTI or SEC Registration and other permits of participants for their bazaars.

One would ask, what if I am just doing it as a hobby, do I really need to register? My take on this… YES, it would be better to register your business. For the bazaarista and buyer’s safety, in terms of legitimacy of the business and products, being registered would mean it is legitimate. Whether you have a physical store or just an online store, it would be better to be legitimate.

Most of the time, we think that registering a business with DTI would be a hassle and would consume a lot of time. But now, DTI has come up with an easier way in registering a business. No need to go to their offices or fall in line in government offices.

Register online!

Yes, DTI has provided us the ease of registering business name and paying fees online through their Enhanced Business Name Registration System.  Allow us to walk you through DTI’s Online Business Name Registration for your own convenience.

Before you can proceed with registering your business name, you need to carefully review the BNRS Terms and Conditions which you will see upon clicking “New Application” on the left-hand side of the webpage. For quick review, DTI reminds applicants that your business name should not be any of the following:

  • Illegal, offensive, scandalous, or contrary to propriety (e.g. Popoy’s Jueteng Betting Place, Boobs Massage and Spa);
  • Similar or almost resembling an existing registered business, company, partnership, corporation (Securities and Exchange Commission), cooperative name (Cooperative Development Authority); nor it infringes on any trademark, service mark and tradename (e.g. Anne Dok’s Lechon, Jolibee, Starbax Cafe);
  • Purely of generic or geographic words (e.g. The Laundry Shop, Bacolod)
  • A name  which by law or regulation cannot be appropriated (e.g. Intelligence, State College, CALABARZON);
  • Used to designate or distinguish, or not suggestive of quality of any class of goods, articles, merchandise, or service (e.g. Best Taho Factory, A-1 Auto Repair Shop );
  • A name or abbreviation of a name used by the government in its governmental functions (e.g. NBI Private Investigation Services, DTI Trading);
  • A name or abbreviation of a name of any nation, inter-governmental or international organization (e.g. Philippine Manpower Pooling Agency, UNESCO Marketing, WHO Health Services); and
  • Deceptive, misleading or which misrepresent the nature of business (e.g. ABC Construction Services“ where nature of business is recruitment, Manny Pacquiao’s Sports Retail Shop).

Click “I Agree” to proceed. You will be directed to an online form which you need to fill out with the necessary information:

  1. Under the Business Scope segment, choose the appropriate coverage of your business (i.e. If Sari-sari store—Barangay, if foodcart franchise—City/Municipality, if online reseller—Regional, if courier services that ships nationwide—National). The corresponding fee is also reflected under each option for your guidance.
  2. Indicate your selected business name on the Proposed Business Name field then click “Check Name Availability” to make sure it doesn’t have a duplicate name. Once it goes through without any similar names, you will see a prompt summarizing the details you just filled out. If you want to try another name, you can just simply click on “Try a Different Name”.
  3. Then fill out with accuracy the Owner’s Details and Residence Address, ensuring that required fields are completed.
  4. For Payment Method, assuming that you want to use DTI’s e-Payment facility, just choose GCash or Bancnet. Select “Download” for your business name certification and hit “Submit”.
  5. Your certification will be provided on the next page. Download the e-copy and have it printed if you wish. Take note of your Transaction Reference Number (TRN) Acknowledgement found in the last page of the online application form as this will be required when you pay online.
  6. Go back to the online business registration homepage and click “Online Payment” on the left-hand side menu. Settle the appropriate fees via your chosen facility accordingly.

And that’s it! In less than 15 minutes your business name registration is done. If you have other queries related to business name registration, refer to DTI’s FAQ page.

It is important to note that there are requirements you need to comply with to ensure the success of your business name application. Submit these requirements to DTI within fifteen (15) working days or else, your registration will be considered abandoned.

But as far as business registration is concerned, doing it online is so much easier. We hope that our step-by-step process have helped simplify the DTI business name registration for you.

Take note… This is the first step. In our next post, we’ll post some guidelines in processing other needed permits so you can operate your business legitimately and legally.

Independent Clothing Stores: A better alternative to branded clothing

Have you ever experienced riding in a public transportation or be in a crowded place and you are expected to be there for an extended period of time, and you see someone wearing the same shirt or blouse as the one you are wearing? Well, it definitely is an awkward moment. This is one of the reasons why patronizing indie clothing shops would be to the advantage of the customers. Independent clothing stores only produce limited number of clothes that would be fitting according to what they project. So, the probability of encountering someone who is wearing the same clothes that you are wearing would be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Part of the “brand” is how these big companies work with the promotion of their products. They hire popular talents to wear their products to be promoted. But, What if, given the situation above, the one wearing the same clothes you are wearing is may itsura naman, di lang ka-ayaaya tignan? I believe that the image of the model wearing the same would be shattered in your mind, and you would want to rip off that shirt because of that awkward moment. Since these “branded” clothes are mass produced, access to the product is bountiful in most malls, their branches, and department stores. Unlike Independent clothing, these are limited production only. So, chances of meeting this may itsura naman, di lang ka-ayaaya tignan with that shirt on would be very limited. Even if you are this may itsura naman, di lang ka-ayaaya, you won’t feel awkward also, since the production of independent clothing stores are limited, maybe, one would say, “Exclusively made to! Maghanap ka ng ganito kung may makita ka pa. Good luck!”

Some would say that it’s the “brand” as the reason why they bought the shirt. In terms of quality, I guess if you choose really well, local independent clothing stores can be compared to these “branded” clothes. Some are at par and some are even better than the “branded” clothing. Some could even attest that these branded clothing stores copied designs made by independent clothing stores.

When you look at the price of these branded clothes, take for example, printed round neck shirts from a local “branded” store, it is around 399.00 – 599.00. Local independent clothing stores price their products almost the same and some are even cheaper than these “branded” clothes.

Comparing the “Branded” and the Indie Clothing, you get the same in terms of quality. Affordability, almost the same and most of the time, indie clothing stores are cheaper than the branded ones. “Branded” clothing are mass produced, while in indie clothing stores, you get to have limited shirts based on the small production. Most of all, patronizing the “Branded” clothing only makes the owners of those companies richer, while in indie clothing stores directly affects the owners and the employees in their production.

Patronize wisely! Support you local independent clothing stores and support your local mom and dad businesses in your community.

Some Independent Clothing Stores you might want to visit:

Wecky Werks, Runway Dreams, Fabric Republic, Wonderpop

Starting a Business: Partnering with Mom and Dad

Our firsts… Loved ones, teachers, mentors, friend, idol, role model, etc.

Mom and dads are the firsts and serves as the foundation on how we relate with other persons as we grow up. Our interaction with others are influenced by how we were groomed by our mom and dads. Even and dealing with situations, whether a good problem or a bad problem, mom and dads are the first ones who taught us how to cope with it. Whether we decide to start a business or be employed, somehow, our mom and dads influence will be very much seen.
Here are four tips to keep your bond with mom and dad strong and your business or job as happy as it can be:

1. Take the Good, Leave the Bad.

Young entrepreneurs should view their parents’ financial situation like a menu in a restaurant: take the good ones that you have experienced and don’t order what you think is not a good experience or with the bad taste. After all, mom and dads have tons of experience to share: the good experiences to replicate and the bad ones to learn from. Whether you come from a wealthy or a not so fortunate family, lessons learned from mom and dads matter. Observe your mom and dads, and use critical-thinking skills. Replicate their strengths and avoid their weaknesses.

2. Parental Support

Most of young businessmen have a group of friends when starting up a business. Mostly this group are the childhood friends, schoolmates, or even a co-worker. Mom and dads should be part of this group, but should not be overly dependent on them. Entrepreneurial support and financial support are two different things. If the parents cannot support financially, and you are relying on them for that, then, the emotional relationship may suffer. Truth is, the sooner you can stop relying on your parents for financial support, the more successful the business may become. Once this is achieved, you’ll reach a level of maturity that most adults nowadays never reach (Personally, I know a lot of guys who are still very dependent on their parents). Self reliance at a young age is impressive, respectable, and feels good. What matters a lot even parents does not support financially is their wisdom and the bountiful experience where you can pick-up a lot of lessons.

3. Give More than What You Receive

Don’t take your parents for granted… If you are expecting your mom and dad to be an active part of your advisory group, to support you in good times and bad, then they have become more than just your parents… They should be considered as your partners, and needs to be treated accordingly. Many businessmen finds ways to make their customers and partners happy, so there’s no reason not to show your parents the same respect and prove to them that what they have contributed to your success is also their success.

4. Nurture the Relationship

Relationship with your mom and dad is going to affect you. If it is tense, then there would be added stress in starting up the business. If you have mutual respect for one another, then it would be a great advantage over the competition. Working with mom and dads should be kept smooth and enjoyable. This makes the relationship strong, make people happy, and then definitely the business will prosper. It may not be a guarantee that a good relationship with your mom and dad in the business would equate to success, but a bad relationship will most likely lead to more struggles.

Why Giving is Good For Your Business

Why giving is good for your business… And it shouldn’t be this Christmas season only.
This is the time of the year when businesses spend a lot… On bonuses, 13th month pay, gifts and giveaways, etc. It is also the time when businesses spend most of their CSR budgetand give out to charities.
Thinking about it… shelling out your business’ budget for CSR on a particular season might be painful in the pockets, considering that you have to allocate a budget for bonuses, Christmas party and year-end. Why not spread out giving the whole year-round?
Some good reasons why giving should be spread out throughout the year, or simply make Christmas season the whole year. Take for example sponsoring or giving out to a grassroots program of a football club who teaches less fortunate kids:

  1. Sponsoring doubles as marketing – Sponsoring a charity or even a simple grassroots football program can double as marketing for your business. Everywhere the football team goes, they carry your business as you have sponsored them. In every competition, your brand is carried and will be visible to others.
  2. It boosts employee morale– As individuals, giving back to communities makes us feel good, makes us more socially aware, and helps us bond with colleagues as we team up with those in need. In this case, getting involved in a grassroots program would be beneficial to the business and to its employees, as this may be a venue to interact with less fortunate kids and other players of the club who are receiving from the sponsors.
  3. Increased network opportunities – The game of football is now picking up interest in the Philippines and we can see a lot of football clinics left and right. And these clinics have their own corporate sponsors also. With such support, having a common ground, which is football, it would be easier to interact with other businesses to expand the business.
  4. Generate positivity around your brand – We all know that consumers appreciate and support socially conscious businesses because it causes them to become emotionally invested.

Still thinking of spreading the benefits of your business? You can support in any way Don Bosco Garelli United Football Club. Your sponsorship may come a long way by helping the student athletes and the grassroots program for less fortunate kids in the Metro.