Business Friendly Cities: Muntinlupa City, Efficiency and Prompt Delivery of Service

As we have been helping a lot of fellow mom and dads start up their own business, The Support Local Mom and Dad Businesses Movement encourages the would be entrepreneurs to do it right by not only setting up the business, but to also secure the necessary permits and licenses to operate the business. We have already helped several mom and dads register their business and secure the necessary permits for them to operate.


Every city where we have helped our fellow mom and dad businesses, we have encountered and seen a lot of good points and some areas to improve on. But, focusing on the efficiency and prompt delivery of service, Muntinlupa City bests the other cities where we have transacted in securing a business permit for a small mom and dad business.

As we have experienced, we have helped one mompreneur register her online retailing business which is home based. We have assisted her in securing the necessary permits and licenses to operate her business in Muntinlupa City. The documents needed were already prepared such as the DTI Registration, Cedula, Baranggay Permit, etc and have proceeded to the city hall for the Business License and the Mayor’s permit. Without informing the Business Permit and Licensing Office of Muntinlupa City, we proceeded and helped the mompreneur to secure her permits. We were greeted by a very accommodating lady who mans the entrance of the BPLO Office and assisted us in the transactions to be done. As all the documents are complete and in order, a queue number was given and we waited for the number to be called. Once the number was called, the documents were submitted to the officer in charge of assessing the documents and we were interviewed regarding the business that is to be registered. After the interview, we waited anxiously in the comfortable gang chairs in the waiting area, as in our previous experience in securing a business permit in Muntinlupa City and experience in other cities where we have to wait for a long time and sometimes be asked to come back another day.Surprisingly, we were called again and was shown the assessment for the payment of the fees. We then paid the fees and within a few minutes, we were called again and the Business License and Mayor’s permit was given to us. The total time consumed in securing a local government permit, less than half a day (Including travel time to the City Hall). Thus, the fastest and most efficient local government unit to process the permit for a mom and dad business.


The City Government of Muntinlupa City is employing the BOSS or the Business One-Stop-Shop system which provides a more efficient and prompt processing of business permits and licenses. Currently, they are also using the SWiT Single-Window Transaction system which makes it more convenient for applicants for necessary permits. And eliminating the hassle of moving to one office to another office just to get assessments.

assessment payment releasing

Truly the improvement, efficiency and prompt service made Muntinlupa City one of the Most Business Friendly cities in the Philippines.

Watch out for the other business friendly cities for mom and dad businesses to be posted soon! Do you have good experiences in transacting with your local government’s permit and licensing office? Share them with us and let’s help other mom and dads do businesses right! By securing the necessary permits and licenses to operate a business.

Sapatology: One Step at A Time

This photo of Mang Ruben was taken February 2008 along Buencamino St., in Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

We had our shoes shined and I remember that while having our shoes shined, he shared to us some of his dreams and what they have been dealing with everyday just to survive. Shoe shine and repair was their source of income and they are proud of it. Mang Ruben also mentioned that they are going to upgrade their craft very soon and he is saving some of his income to achieve it. After a few months without seeing him, we saw him again with an upgraded version of his craft. When we first saw him, he was just using a bicycle with a self-made box to hold on to his tools, we saw him next with a second-hand motorcycle and an improved box to hold his tools. He was really proud to tell us that he was able to save up for the motorcycle at the same time feed his family.

Mom and dads can learn a lot of things from Mang Ruben. By being witty with his craft, he was able to attract a lot of customers to patronize him. With his hard work and perseverance, he was able to achieve his dream of upgrading his business and be a provider for his family. Comparing Mang Ruben to some of the more established shoe shine and repair shops, he might not be as popular and as promoted like the ones we see in every mall. But with his wits and efficiency in his craft, he succeeded and reached his ambition to upgrade his business. One step at a time, when we persevere on what we really want, we can achieve it and be better, or maybe even great.

We just wonder now where Mang ruben is. Maybe he has a permanent shop now or maybe he has a fleet of mobile shoe shine and repair motorcycles. We hope to see Mang Ruben soon and be featured here with a deeper look into his life as a small businessman and be an inspiration to a lot of mom and dads who plan to start up a business. If Mang Ruben can, Yes we can!

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