The Perfect Time: NOW

A lot of us have dreamt of having that perfect business. We attend expos, seminars, and other events to get information on how to start a business. We consult our family, friends and experts about the venture that we wanted to pursue. All of these we’ve been doing so when that time comes, all the planning and preparations, the business will start perfectly. Oftentimes these planning, consultation, and preparations are left untouched and stored in our drawers while we wait for the perfect timing to start the business. 

Most of the time we tell ourselves the following that hinders us to start our own business: 

“I don’t have enough money to start the business. Magiipon muna ako.”

“I don’t have the experience to run a business. Magtrabaho muna ako.”

“I am too young or too old to start a business.”

“I think it’s not a good time to start a business kasiā€¦”

“I’ll wait for the perfect timing to start the business.”

So, when is the perfect time?

Consider this: 

Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook at a young age of 18. 

Colonel Sanders founded KFC at the age of 65.

Bill Gates was a college dropout.

Henry Sy started his department store empire just before the declaration of Martial Law. 

Les Reyes started Reyes Haircutters with only 10,000 pesos capital.

The founder of National Bookstore, Soccorro Ramos, started her business during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines in World War 2. 

And there are a lot of success stories of entrepreneurs who started their business even if the odds are against them. 

So, let me ask again. When is the perfect time to start a business? 

The perfect time for you to start your business is NOW. Why let your age, lack of capital, lack of experience, fear of failure hinder you from starting your own business.

That time is TODAY!
The longer you wait, the harder it will be. 

The Mom and Dad Store

In the past few weeks, we have been brainstorming about how the Support Local Mom and Dad Businesses Movement can help fellow micro and small enterprises. Aside from promoting others via blogs, facebook, and other social media platforms, offline and actual promotion of products and services were suggested to help out fellow mom and dad enterprises.

There are a lot of online platforms that cater to promoting mom and dad entreprises like facebook, instagram, twitter, etc. Even mom and dad businesses are also using the said platforms in promoting their own businesses. But, are they really effective? For some, these platforms have been very effective and have grown some businesses already. Some even started up as an online store in facebook, and instagram. To some, online promotion of their enterprises have not been very much effective in growing their businesses.

Being a small, or a micro business, it is quite difficult to compete with well established businesses that can afford to lease a space in a mall, or meet the consignment requirement by big department stores. It is good that there are some event organizers do let small spaces to be leased for a short time, like bazaars or events, but, these comes at a huge cost also and could range at 2,000 – 8,000 per day. By participating in such events, offline and online visibility of a product or service can be maximized by mom and dad businesses, There are some event organizers also that help out mom and dad enterprises by not charging a fixed amount for rentals on space, instead, they get a percentage from the gross sales in the duration of the display of the products.

The Store Space

What we have envisioned is to have a physical store that would cater to mom and dad enterprises to promote their products and services for free or maybe for a minimal fee, for a limited time to micro and small businesses. Being online at the same time offline would give opportunities to local mom and dads to grow their businesses. In exchange, the participants would also promote other mom and dad businesses and the Support Local Mom and Dad Businesses Movement in their own respective online stores.

For a start, we might showcase first local clothing startups and services that can be accommodated in the mom and dad store. Some have signified their intention to showcase their products in the store. We’ll start small, but, little by little, we can grow and expand the mom and dad store.

Is it possible? YES!

Share your thoughts about it. Or, maybe you could help us out in making it possible in helping fellow mom and dad businesses grow.

Turning Hobbies to Business: Hitting a Flock of Birds with One Shot

Choosing Beads For A Unique NecklaceHobbies are considered to be personal pastime. It may be cross-stitching, painting, designing for clothes, etc. The fact that it interests you and you continuously do it, it can be turned into a business. With some twitching and fixing on ways how you handle your time and how you do it, you hobby might be a successful business.

In our previous posts, Starting A Business While Working Full Time and When Starting a Business… Have Fun, we have discussed about things to consider when starting a business. Now, we’re adding some insights for a person who would want to start a business. Why not start with your hobbies? It’s one of the best ideas to start with since its considered a pastime and it can be done outside your work schedule. And definitely, it won’t be a hobby if you are not enjoying it or having fun while doing it.

Here are some hobbies that we find to be profitable and can be turned into a part-time or a full-time business:

Cooking/Baking – Cooking or baking is one of the most common hobbies that are transformed into a full blown business. We must say that some hobbyists do cook or bake better than the professionals. With a little twisting and turning outside cooking and baking, add up some marketing, sales and money management, this hobby can be a great business, especially when you are good at it and do it better than those pros.

Photography – Another common hobby that is turned into a business. With the right effort, skill, connections, and guidance, this hobby can be a really profitable business. Like cooking or baking, some hobbyists are really good at it and even create quality shots which are far more better than those who say they are into the business of events photography. Some of hobbyists we know only uses point-and-shoot cameras or film cameras in their craft, and they make better prints. There’s even a saying, “Hindi porket naka DSLR ka, professional photographer ka na”. So, when you are into a photography hobbyist with a group with the same interest, why not give it a try? If photography is something you love to do and you are good at, make it as your part-time business. We believe that those who love their craft produces better results than those who do it because it is their job.

Designing – Fashion design, lay-outing, painting, concept designing, etc. Most of these hobbies are really done during free time and it can turned into a profitable business if you got also the talent for it. Freelancing during free times while working isn’t bad when you got the skills and talent, and when you love what you do and feel good about it, this artistic side of you can really be a solid business. Setting up a design firm is no joke, but when what you’ll be doing would be fun for you, it’s just a piece of cake. We know of some designers or inventors who are doing concept designs as his part-time business, while he is still working for a local government office. He loves what he does, he’s having fun, and most of all he’s cashing in a lot in his business!

There are other hobbies out there that some just take them for granted and do them a their own leisure. With some entrepreneural inspiration and a little push, you’ll turn what you love doing into a great business. If you are good at it, think of it as an opportunity to be your own business that you’ll have fun.

So, when you are a hobbyist who turned the hobby as a business, don’t just say that you are, “hitting two birds with one stone”, it would be better to say “hitting a flock of birds with one shot.” You have fun, you do what you love, you earn while you do it, have a lot of time with your family, and so many other reasons to make it a successful business.

You can never say that there are no more opportunities… You make those opportunities, it’s just a matter of starting it!

Think Inside The Box First

Think inside the box

We have read or heard the stories of some of the billionaires who have started from nothing. But to us ordinary Filipinos, at this time when these billionaires have taken over the thriving businesses, can we still compete with these giants?

My answer will be a resounding YES!

A lot of people would say for you to achieve something great and unique, you have to think outside the box. Once we hear Think Outside The Box whenever we brainstorm for ideas, the immediate reaction is to look for something that is unique and has never been done that we think that would click and be the next big thing. Ideas barge in like a huge wave of things waiting to be picked and used for the new business concept. Then, as planning the new business concept with all the excitement,everything will be at a halt… Just because you don’t have the enough resources to make the NEXT BIG THING materialize. All the excitement and planning ended up in frustration and it goes on like a cycle… We think of that new business concept and end up with hanging plans. That great business concept of yours now have a big question… How are you going to implement or execute your ideas?

So, how is it possible to get that NEXT BIG THING running? First, THINK INSIDE THE BOX… As simple as examining ourselves and listing down all the resources available, whether it is tangible or intangible, is one step. Another is to look into your strengths and your interests. All these can be reached all INSIDE THE BOX by just examining ourselves. Even if the idea is not the next big thing, once you have identified everything that you have INSIDE THE BOX, moving out of the box would simply just follow and you can make more unique innovations in the business concept that you want to pursue.

Starting a new business concept? Look inside the box first and gather all whats in it and before thinking outside the box. By that time, you are well equipped and prepared to be the NEXT BIG THING